The Adiguns

We really enjoy SKC.  It's not just about the convenience of being close to home but we know that our girls are cared for and are learning the essentials to prepare them for school.  The teachers/providers always keep us informed on all things related to Kyra and Kamryn.  We especially appreciate the daily log that lets us know what the girls are learning or doing each day.  We enjoy the monthly newsletter, emails/updates and the convenience of auto pay for tuition.  Thanks for everything!!“


Glen and Heidi O'Gilvie

When we set out to find an early learning center for our son, we jotted a list of criteria and expectations.  First, we wanted a space that employed early learning care providers with deep content and pedagogical knowledge. Next, we wanted a safe, clean, nurturing space that appreciates diversity with an environment that fosters exploratory learning for curious and inquisitive minds.  Lastly, we sought to find a program that would expose our son to Christian values.  SKC Early Education Centers met and continues to meet our expectations. 


Tanya M. - mother of two enrolled boys in the infant and pre K rooms.

SKC Early Education Centers has totally met and exceeded my family's daycare needs and expectations! The facility is clean, stimulating and inviting. The staff and administration are professional, nurturing and outgoing. The center is flexible and experienced to serve my child with special needs also. We are happy to partner with SKC Early Education Centers to provide our boys with a Christian environment that feels just like homeTanya M.

The Bryans

I am the mother of three children - ages 4, 3 and 2 - who ALL spend the bulk of their days Monday through Friday at SKC Early Education Centers.  I believe that fact alone should speak to my fondness for SKC.  My oldest child began at age 2 and my baby girl started at the age of 3 months.  Each day I am thankful to have a place where I can drop my babies off with confidence that they are in good, capable hands.  SKC Early Education Centers provides a safe and loving learning environment with a superb level of professionalism which is important.  It is clear to me that SKC is about the children.  I believe in this day and time it is difficult to keep that a priority but SKC' staff do it seemingly with ease.  Every day my babies tell me - mostly at the same time- how they had a good day, how they sang this song, how they counted to this number, how they love so and so, etc is another day I am overjoyed to be occupying 3 spaces on the SKC Early Education Centers roster.  The care and service they provide is worth every penny and more.

Kerrie Clark

I just wanted to acknowledge and thank all of you at SKC Early Education Centers for being such an outstanding day care center.  As a mother of twins, finding a day care center that I felt comfortable caring for my precious little ones was a very big concern for me.  During my search (which I must say including visiting at least 8 other day care centers before finally deciding) I prayed that God would guide me to the perfect place for my children and I think we’ve found it with SKC Early Education Centers.

Over the year that the twins have been at SKC Early Education Centers, they have truly blossomed.  The development of their fine and gross motor skills was evident immediately after they started.  Their verbal skills, pursuit of knowledge and creativity have blossomed tremendously as well.  A key part to this growth I believe is the Christian environment, close nit family atmosphere,  class size and the children’s daily activities.  Another even bigger part to the Center’s success is your leadership and the teachers at SKC Early Education Centers.  Again, I just wanted to send this email to acknowledge the outstanding work you and your teachers have done in caring for my little ones.  I have and will continue to recommend your Center.  Thank you again


Marseta Dill

My youngest daughter started SKC Early Education Centers at the age 3 in their K4/K5 program.  Within a year, she was reading.  I credit this to the excellent teachers at SKC.  They worked with her on alphabet sounds and blends.  It built her confidence to sound out words.  Before starting kindergarten, she was reading 1st level chapter books.
My oldest daughter attends the SKC Early Education Centers summer camp.  She enjoys the weekly swimming trips and field trips.  When given option to participate in other summer programs, she said"no, I want to spend my summer at SKC".  As a parent, I can't disagree because their program is well rounded.  They have themed activities for the week, which incorporates learning and fun activities for the kids.  This summer my daughter learned about aviation through their trip to aviation museum in College Park, MD.  SKC Early Education Centers also gave her the jump start she needed to learn the multiplication table.Marseta Dill